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Professional Dispatching

Augment your staff with our team of professional dispatchers. Reduce the burden of managing a staff of dispatchers by seamlessly redirecting your calls to our professional dispatch team. Support and elevate day-to-day operations with daily debriefings, call recordings, and performance analytics. Maximize order fulfillment during spikes in call volume with overflow agents that reinforce our dispatchers.

  • Dispatcher turnover was high

    The Problem

    • reach more customer icon High turnover
    • reach more customer icon Time consuming
    • reach more customer icon Scheduling issues

    “Staff turnover and unreliable dispatchers that must to be replaced are a huge source of problems for taxi companies. General managers spend hours advertising for new dispatchers, interviewing and training new employees. Our company was going through these staffing issues when we contacted Cab Hound TM. Turnover was one of our major problems. I was spending a significant amount of time hiring and managing our dispatchers.”

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    Messay G

    General Manager

  • Our client chose Cab Hound’s Call Center

    Our Solution

    • reach more customer icon Professional staffing
    • reach more customer icon Call & Performance Metrics
    • reach more customer icon Schedule flexibility

    "Our taxi company selected Cab Hound’s call center services to dispatch our trips. Cab HoundTM worked closely with our company to create a manual for dispatcher policy." Cab Hound TM recruited and trained the new staff based on those policies. Cab HoundTMdoes just that and more. We Provide world class performance monitoring and supervision of the call center. We provide daily reports of hourly call performance metrics, 100% call recording and daily debriefing on activities for the general manager.

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    Messay G

    General Manager

  • “I would recommend Cab HoundTM

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    “Cab Hound’s dispatchers have been a great addition to our company. We see them as an extension of our team in the office and the drivers responded positively to the change. I would highly recommend Cab Hound’s dispatching services to anyone in the industry who is looking to get the best.”

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    Messay G

    General Manager

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From increasing professionalism to improved passenger loyalty, Cab HoundTM call center services drives better operations for taxi companies.

The result? Less hassle, more control, and the most professional team of dispatchers who never miss a day.

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