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  • Driver success story

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    Jose Contrera

    General Manager

    “Looking for right app for my business has been very hard, I have tried many others but they don't get the job done. I came across Cab Hound TM and now my business is booming. I now get about 1000 calls daily and customers are filled with ease as they can now contact us through the app. This has been a foundation in our business's development. I would like to thank Cab Hound TM and I highly recommend others to try it.”

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    Messay Gebretsadik

    General Manager

    “Cab Hound TM improved the experience of City Cab, its drivers, and our valued customers beyond expectation. From the initial sale to the service after sale, Cab Hound’s ability to listen and generate ideas continually enhanced our business. I would recommend Cab Hound TM to any company in the industry.”

  • Driver success story

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    Paul Akosah

    City Cab Driver

    “I've been using Cab Hound TM as a City Cab driver and I like it so much because it's easy to use and also it is accessible. I can get calls from home and anywhere in Charlotte. ”

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    Supervising Dispatcher

    “We've been using CabHound since March 2015, the company started out by doing the 30 day free trial and we were impressed with the service and decided to keep it. The software is designed to make dispatching easy and efficient and reporting to the Taxi and Limousine Commission is a snap, anybody can use this system and CabHound can tweak their software to fit your ideal needs as every business is unique. Business has improved, customers are using the app and the drivers get to their destinations with ease using the driver app. This is so fantastic, you would be wondering why it took you so long to sign up. Love it. ”